Microsoft Hololens deployment

Microsoft Hololens deployment

Bellow you can find a step by step process how to build an app into Microsoft Hololens.

There are a few preconditions: developer mode in your glasses must by on, it’s good to know your glasses IP address, you need to have a few SDKs installed in your computer and also you need Unity software for hololens and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

And finally after spending a whole day by installing and configuring all enviroments you can start building a simple app for your Hololenses ;o)



Scene – place a 3d object into the scene ;o)

  • It’s a good idea to place the object exactly in front of the Main Camera – that way you can place the object in the room in the actual glass position

Scene – Main Camera

  • Camera – Clear flags – Solid color
    • Background – #000000 (Black)

Building setting

  • Windows store – switch platform
  • SDK – Universal 10
  • UWP Build type – D3D
  • Build and run on – Local machine
  • Unity C# Projects (checked)

Player settings

  • Other settings
    • Virtual reality supported (checked)
      • Virtual reality SDKs – Windows holographic

Unity Build Settings preview:




Microsoft Visual studio

Solution Configuration:

  • Release
  • x86
  • Remote machine
  • Debug -> Start Without dDebugging / or CTRL + F5
    • (deployment) start without debuging

Remote machine configuration

  • Select – Universal Windows project (not a entire solution)
    • right mouse click -> Properties
      • Debug Tab
        • You can see remote machine IP address
        • Authentication mode – Universal (Encrypted protocol)