Microsoft Hololens - Supercars demo

Microsoft Hololens – Supercars demo

I prepared a simple demo of supercars in Microsoft Hololens.

Live size of the yellow supercar (length of the model is about 4 meters), displaying the car interior and then switching the model to about half a meter size for displaying two supercars next to each other.

Red Supercar demo (length of the model is about 4 meters):


Below you can see a few photos from Microsoft Hololens – Windows device portal – “take photo” function:

20170202_130436_HoloLens20170202_130024_HoloLens  20170202_130407_HoloLens 20170202_130411_HoloLens 20170202_130415_HoloLens 20170202_130418_HoloLens