Microsoft Hololens wifi live stream / Mixed reality capture

Microsoft Hololens wifi live stream / Mixed reality capture

STEP 1 – Get an IP address from Microsoft Hololens

The first step is getting the IP address from Microsoft Hololens

Settings -> Network and internet -> Advanced options -> Properties -> IPv4 address

20170202_122633_HoloLens 20170202_122645_HoloLens 20170202_122651_HoloLens

Step 2 – Connect to Windows Device Portal

Connecting over Wifi:

  • put the Microsoft Hololens IP address into the web browser in your PC
  • Create an account and login into the device
  • You will see Home screen of Windows device portal
  • Choose: Views -> Mixed reality capture
    • You can choose Live preview quality
    • Live preview
    • Record video
    • Take photo

Screens from Windows Device portal:

Windows Device portal – Home


Windows Device portal – 3D View


Windows Device portal – Mixed Reality Capture


Windows Device portal – Running Processes


Windows Device portal – Performance


Windows Device portal – App Manager


Windows Device portal – Simulation


Link to Microsoft developer page about Windows device portal: