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In this webpage you can find mine: prototypes, demos and sample projects based on Unity 3d and Blender 3d.

The main target of this web page is publish mine creations with gaining experience in Unity 3d.

I just decided to exploring and learning Unity 3d in a following fields:

My experiences


  • Experimental prototypes using Microsoft Hololens
    • Microsoft Hololens applications
    • Using gestures to controlling holographic model in Augmented reality
  • Experimental prototypes using Leap motion controller
    • Windows *.exe prototypes provide you to controll 3d models by hands
    • 3d object controling by hands, music player with gesture support
  • Unity and BI
    • Canvas chart prefab
  • Game engine
    • I’m trying to develop a simple game engine
  • First experiments with multiplatform deployment
    • Application published for following platforms:
      • Android (*.apk)
      • Windows (*.exe)
      • Microsoft Hololens (Windows store publishing)

Near future

  • Learning textures and creating more complicated 3d models in Blender 3d
  • Continue with Game engine development 
  • Smart watch applications
    • Android Wear 2.0. / Tizen
  • VR – HTC Vive? applications
  • Try to build a short cartoon series
    • Camera controlling in scene and generating short cartoon footages