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In this webpage you can find mine: prototypes, demos and sample projects based on Arduino (2018), Unity 3d (2016) and Blender 3d.

The main target of this web page is publish mine creations with gaining experience in Arduino and Unity 3d.


Unity 3d

I just decided to exploring and learning Unity 3d in a following fields:

My experiences


  • Experimental prototypes using Microsoft Hololens
    • Microsoft Hololens applications
    • Using gestures to controlling holographic model in Augmented reality
  • Experimental prototypes using Leap motion controller
    • Windows *.exe prototypes provide you to controll 3d models by hands
    • 3d object controling by hands, music player with gesture support
  • Unity and BI
    • Canvas chart prefab
  • Game engine
    • I’m trying to develop a simple game engine
  • First experiments with multiplatform deployment
    • Application published for following platforms:
      • Android (*.apk)
      • Windows (*.exe)
      • Microsoft Hololens (Windows store publishing)